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Heater Maintenance in Port Charlotte, FL

Improve Your Heater’s Reliability & Energy Efficiency

Would you like to avoid the stress and frustration of a heating problem, particularly in the middle of a cold night? Are you concerned about how much it costs to heat your home? An old, inefficient heater could place a huge strain on your budget and burn through way more energy than it should and even require more heating repairs. However, there is an easy way to fix this problem and greatly reduce the possibility of an unexpected problem bringing your entire system down. With an annual heating maintenance procedure, you’ll enjoy more dependable heating and a more affordable utility bill through even the most frigid periods of winter weather.

At Florida Comfort Air Conditioning, we offer premium heating maintenance services, including tune-ups, adjustments, and more. We fine-tune every system to perform at its very best and ensure that your heating equipment is ready to go when you need it. We service all makes and models, including systems from every major manufacturer, so you can call us for help with whatever you need. And that even includes a variety of heating types, including electric, and heat pump split systems.

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What’s In a Maintenance Service?

A heating maintenance service can vary greatly from system to system, however each one includes a few basic tenants that are all designed to improve performance. Every maintenance service includes a thorough, multi-point inspection of all of your heater’s most important components to ensure there are no urgent, pressing, or major problems that would prevent it from operating within expected parameters. From there, maintenance also includes things like tightening connections, checking wiring, cleaning components, lubricating moving parts, and more.

We perform maintenance services for all of the following:

  • Electric heaters
  • Heat Pump Split System

When Should I Schedule Maintenance?

Maintenance is best performed after a long period where your heater has sat idle, but before you have to use your heater again for the first time. The majority of problems tend to happen when your heater first fires up after months of inactivity, so maintaining it before that can help negate some of the strain on this first cycle. Of course, if you have not maintained your heater and have been using it regularly, we still encourage you to call as maintenance can still greatly increase longevity and reliability while also reducing energy consumption for remaining operating hours of the cold season. That means more time between heater replacements and more savings throughout the life of your system.

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