Rats and rodents in ductwork

The cold weather that visits the North Port area in January and February often leads to rats and rodents avoiding the cold by warming up in attic ductwork.

Have you been having problems with rats in your garage, basement, or attic?  It’s the time of year when the cold weather drives them inside, seeking the warmth of your house, hiding in the attic ductwork and vent system.  They can do a lot of damage and their chewing and knawing at your ductwork causes holes and openings that severely reduce the efficiency of the air delivery system, both heat, and air conditioning.

They leave behind visible signs all homeowners should look for periodically.  The image on the right is symbolic of the type of damage you should look for.

The damages that rodents can cause are not limited to the ductwork in your North Port home.  They also knew and chew on the wiring that services your air conditioning system and other elements of your home.  The risk of fire or electrical shortages accompanies this type of damage.  If you are finding signs of damage similar to the photo to the left, you should not hesitate to act.

If you notice this type of damage to your air conditioning system by rodents, we can help…

Call Florida Comfort Air Conditioning at (941) 764-0026. Since 2007, we have been successfully and efficiently handling problems of this nature on a daily basis, most commonly in winter at this time of year.

Avoid expensive and costly major work on your A/C and Heating System by taking care of ductwork damaged by rodents when you first notice it.  Call us today!