Why is My Air Conditioner Not Working? 5 Possible Reasons

Things to check when your air conditioning is not turning on. Here are some things you can do yourself before you have to call in for a repair.   Some of them may seem simple or obvious but they will save you some money to take the time to look at.  If a technician comes out and your breaker is tripped they will still have to charge you for the diagnostic charge.  So Take a look at your batteries, filters, and thermostat and wait about 10 minutes for your time delay before your call.

Filters– Check for dirty filters they are usually located either in the returns in the home or clearly marked on the Air Handler.

Thermostat– Make sure the switch is set to “cool” and the temperature setting is below that of the home’s actual temperature.

Batteries– Most thermostats generally need the batteries changed once a year

Time delay– If you have changed the settings on your thermostat repeatedly your timing circuitry may shut it down for up to 10 minutes before it turns back on.

Breakers– Be sure that the breaker is set to “on” (if you have fuses, remove them carefully and have them checked at your local hardware store 

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 We are about making the customer happy and saving you money.  If you can fix it we will help you do it.  If you can’t we will be there quickly so Relax, Comfort’s on The Way.