Sporlan Sight Glass - How They Can Save You Money

Sight glass recommended for your home HVAC systems.

A sight glass is a visual indicator for detecting moisture in the line.

Our senior technician recommends them as a way to gauge refrigerant levels also.  This is an easy method for a homeowner to check if he needs to call a technician out for a diagnostic or not.  During this trying financial time everyone is looking to save money where they can.

Your local air conditioning service company in North Port is meeting this need by providing you with a checklist of things you do before you call.   Visit our every growing F.A.Q where we post questions asked by our clients. In addition, to do it yourself ac repairs, we are reviewing products new old that will help save you energy and money.

With new see-all moisture and liquid indicator installed after the replacement of a drier or on an existing installation you will be able to visibly see any changes in the moisture content of the refrigerant.  Changing from yellow to green through an easily viewable glass.

After initial installation wait about 24 hours to get a correct indication from your new sight glass.

If you see any changes you can call us to remove liquid from the lines.

Sight Glasses are also helpful if you think you are having a air conditioning or heating problem.  When you call into our 24/7 service line with live technical support at (941) 764-0026.  You can let the technician know the color of the indicator and they may have some other questions.  Such as a smattering of air bubbles or condensation on the glass itself, which will help the technician with troubleshooting over the phone.  All phone consultations are free and we can answer your heating and air conditioning questions anytime.  We can help find the right solution for your problem or concerns over the phone saving you money.

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