Have Your Heater Checked Before You Turn It On

Cooler temperatures are expected in the coming weeks and it is important that business and homeowners check their heating equipment.

Every year heater related emergencies for homes and businesses are responded to by Charlotte County Fire Department.  Often the cause for these fire department responses is un-maintained heater systems being started for the first time in the fall and winter season. After a long spring and summer, the heating elements will collect dust, and when first used may get hot and cause a burning odor and produce smoke. There is always a chance that if enough dust and debris are collected that it could catch fire.

Some safety tips for residential homes and commercial business owners this fall and winter season:

Central Home Heating Systems

  1. Make sure your furnace is in good working condition. Have it inspected regularly, and leave repairs to the professionals at Florida Comfort Air Conditioning, Inc.

Get into good safety habits:

  1. Teach family members what to do in a fire or other emergency.
  2. Print a list of emergency phone numbers such as the police and fire departments and place them near the telephones in your home.
  3. Make sure that smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in good, working condition.
  4. Install a sophisticated alarm system that rings at an outside service to contact the fire, police, or local emergency medical service.

 How to safely heat your home: 

  1. Do not use your oven to heat your home.
  2. Avoid using electrical space heaters in bathrooms.
  3. Inspect all heating equipment annually and clean as necessary.
  4. Keep trash and other combustibles away from your heating system.
  5. Test smoke alarms monthly; install a carbon monoxide alarm in a central location outside each sleeping area.
  6. Contact Us your local maintenance heating and air conditioning company to come and service your heating unit prior to use.

Space heaters need to be used as they are listed and never to be left unattended.

Charlotte County Fire Department would like to avoid life and property loss in our community this winter season due to heating equipment.

Call (941) 764-0026 to have your heater inspected by a licensed and factory-trained specialist before you turn on your heating system.