Summer Maintenance Inspection for your North Port Air Conditioning System

Spring is the best time to insure that your North Port Air Conditioning System runs smoothly all summer, without interruption.  Maintenance Inspection for your Air Conditioning System is an important part of conserving money and extending the life of your equipment.  Every homeowner in North Port, FL needs to include their homes heating and air conditioning system in their spring cleaning routine.   Here are some helpful articles to help you prepare for the hottest part of the year.

Directly from the manufacturer of A/C equipment products come some informative information about your equipment, how and when to have maintenance completed and ideas for indoor air quality.  Also we have included two great links from the folks at FPL .  Their Home Savings Energy Guide contains a calculator to help you figure the amount of money saved by using the figures found on the yellow Energy Guide label.   The other link from FPL gives you tips on what temperature to set your thermostat, and how to get your duct work checked for leaks.  At you find things you can do and when you need to hire an hvac contractor.

Ruud News – Get Your Home Ready for Spring with Rheem.  “Spring has finally arrived and temperatures are rising! Now is the perfect time to make sure your heating and air conditioning system is in excellent condition for the summer months ahead.”

FPL | EnergyGuide Label – Home Energy Savings Guide.  “Energy-efficient appliances are usually priced higher than conventional models, but since they use less energy, you will save money on your electric bills.”

FPL | Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency – Home Energy Savings Guide.  “In most Florida homes, air conditioning accounts for approximately 50 percent or more of the annual electric bill. Here are some tips to start controlling your energy consumption.”

Keep your home cool.  It’s easy to take your air conditioner for granted… until it stops working on a miserably hot day.

Take an afternoon to rinse off your condensing unit, make sure your thermostat is set  properly, clean you filters and think about possibly upgrading to an energy efficient system before Summer is in full swing.   Call Florida Comfort Air Conditioning for your SpringMaintenance Inspection at 941-764-0026 today.

Don’t forget that maintenance is key to extending the life of your equipment and saving money through out the year.  It has been well documented and it is even recommended by the manufacturer that you have a certified air conditioning technician service your system at least annually.  Most manufacturers of equipment will not validate warranties for the system without proper proof of regular maintenance.