What is R410A or Puron? The difference between Puron and Freon?

What is R410a or Puron?

R-410A is the enviormentally consicous refrigerant for your home also known as Puron.  It is the replacement to the know phased out Freon, or R-22.

by definition it is the common name for hydro-fluorocarbon that is currently the refrigerant being used in HVAC industry.

A couple of years ago you could still purchase and maintain R-22 systems.  Even perform a partial change out of equipment, say just the air handler or condensing unit without replacing the whole system.  These days R-22 or freon is being phased out.  It’s getting harder to find the equipment and the cost of the refrigerant is going up.  The switch has been to Puron the new earth friendly refrigerant or R-410A.  Since January 1 2010 split systems, ductless systems or window units have not been manufactured using or for R-22.

What this means is the price of Freon will steadily increase.

Maintenance at this point is critical as is protecting your outside unit from theft.

Here is a  scientific review of the difference between R-22 and R410A and it worth a look for all those curious.