Do You Need Heater Repair in North Port, FL if You Only Have One Cold Room?

No need to get your heater repaired in North Port FL if you have one room that is too cold.  Stop avoiding the cold rooms in your home.  Here are some quick Do-It-Yourself tips to make these rooms cozy quickly and easily.  You can save yourself money by following
These simple steps.

  • Make sure your windows don’t have leaks.  Using an incense cone lit, you can follow the seal of your window and see if smoke is drawn out.   Quickly fill this gap with a towel or article of clothing until you get to your hardware store to purchase a window insulation kit.
  • Open blinds and curtains during the daytime to let the sun in.  The sunlight will drastically warm up your home in no time.
  • If you have a ceiling fan make sure the switch is in reverse pushing the warm air that is suspended directly under your ceiling.
  • In the North Port area, we would be happy to help you by performing a duct inspection.  To ensure proper heating and air conditioning of your home you should have your ductwork inspected and balanced to check for a blockage or leak that may be causing cold spots in your home, you want to be sure that you have the right size ductwork for your home without it being under or oversized.

Proper airflow in your home is crucial.   Homeowners are often plagued by an area of the house that is warmer or cooler than the rest.  In order to compensate for uneven temperatures, many continually adjust their thermostat or modify their vents.   When we continually change the thermostat to meet the needs of one or two rooms we end up running the system too much.  Trying to warm up the one cold room will have your heat working extra time creating some rooms that are very warm, while others are barely heated at all.  This increase will create a higher electric bill.  An important factor to look at when keeping your home comfortable and efficient is even airflow.

Here in Florida, we can use the full sunlight and low amount of shade trees to our advantage.  Using the sun’s light and energy to keep our heating bills down.  For heater repair in North Port you can depend on call, (941) 764-0026 today.