Honeywell Announces Thermostat Recall

Heater Thermostat Recall~Offering free replacements

Check if you own these Models: T4700 , CT1950, CT1957 sold from 2000-2007

The thermostat contains a relay used to turn on the electric baseboard heater that may not function properly, causing the thermostat to overheat.
The electric baseboard heater thermostats have a non-flammable plastic housing, so while the plastic can melt and generate smoke, it should not ignite other materials in the home.

Honeywell has sold over 77,000 T4700, CT1950, and CT1957 electric baseboard heater thermostats, and Honeywell has analyzed 13 returned products associated with reports claiming to overheat, including varying degrees of smoke damage. There have been no reports of injuries.
If you are still in possession of your electric baseboard heater or fan thermostat, please discontinue use immediately by setting the thermostats to 45 degrees or turning them off. Contact Honeywell toll-free at 888-235-7363, or visit, for information on how to receive a free replacement electric baseboard or fan heater thermostat. Please do not return these products to retail stores.

These thermostats can be identified by their overall rectangular shape. The models included in the recall are programmable thermostats for controlling electric baseboard heating at 240Vac. “A” models are 2-wire and “B” models are 4-wire. “A” models require a transformer not used in “B” models. Models sold at Retail Outlets have a full cover with four exposed buttons. Models sold by HVAC Contractors have a flip-down door that covers the four buttons. There are no electronic differences between the Retail and HVAC Contractor models.

If you have had one of these thermostats installed visit for the recall form.