What HVAC techs say and what they do…

Cools Better, Saves Money, Last Longer, More Reliable

These are things we constantly hear from our ac repair companies on why we need to keep our ac system clean.

It sounds good, cleaner is better.  Simple as that but, how many of these companies and technicians that you meet really stand behind this statement.  Most are there in the hopes that you will need a new air conditioner or some overly priced part.  Hence the $19.95 check-up.  It’s the “let's get our foot in the door” charge.

Your Air conditioning does need to be properly maintained, I personally can’t think of anything more important than to have clean filters, a clean drain line, and most of all clean coils.

Routine maintenance is critical but the standard maintenance inspection only includes checking your coils for dirt and build-up.   And your outside unit should get a good rinsing and a clearing of any debris around or inside it.

You won’t find a tech that would disagree but not too many are quick to recommend you get those coils cleaned.   A real coil cleaning takes time and labor, and it will need to be repeated if you don’t do something to stop the growth of mold and bacteria.

If you continue with just regular maintenance and never have the coils properly cleaned with a microbial solution you will be buying a new system sooner rather than later.

In commercial applications such as restaurants or medical buildings yearly cleanings is most beneficial.

What happens inside your air conditioning coil that causes it not to cool well

  • Your return draws air through standard filters, this air carries soil and other debris that flow over your coil to cool the air. 
  • Your coil is moist, the dirt and debris stick to the broad surface of coil.
  • The dark and moistness of the cabinet attracts  fungus.
  • That  fungus and mold and what ever bacteria growing than spawn and spore.
  • Creating waste  of their own  that making an even stickier surface for the dust and dander in the air.
  • This causes build up restricting the air flow, less air is coming out of your vents.

How dirty coils cost you money

  • Your air handler now has to work harder to cool your home, it’s running more often and air conditioning less.

Why your system has more break downs if it is not clean

  • This occurs because a dirty coil makes for a very acidic environment and your coil will corrode and frame will rust.
  •   Soil in your system will get in between gears and cause moving metal parts to wear down fast and break.  

Cleaning your air conditioning coils is one way to be sure you are breathing clean air. 

Once your coil is clean get a UV Light and keep your coil clean.  UV lights are well documented to improve the quality of the air you breathe and the health of your family.  You will need a bulb replacement maybe every year but ours last two years without replacement.  This will save on the cost on having your coils cleaned yearly.

At Florida Comfort Air Conditioning we believe in saving you money, helping you make the most economically and environmentally sound  choices for your home.   We think your equipment should last at least ten years.  We think you can extend the life of your equipment by cleaning it and keeping it clean once and for all.  We don’t want to recommend an unneeded replacement.  95% of the time your system won’t need to be replaced it just needs a Deep Clean.  It’s been proven to lower your heating and air conditioning costs up to 75%.